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5 Annoying Things About Hotels

Traveling is often a part of life; many people travel for pleasure and business. Travel destinations can be local or on the other side of the globe. Majority of the time the travel plans include staying in hotels. Hotels are meant to be a reprieve from the day’s activities. Unfortunately not all hotel stays leave the patron feeling satisfied. Here are five annoying little things about hotels that just make even the most experienced traveler want to cringe.

Hotel Annoyances: Top 5

1. Hidden fees or extras on the final bill

Everything and everyone is packed to get back on the road. You begin to finalize your check out procedures only to discover the bill has additional fees for items not used or services you thought were included in the price of the room. You may be charged extra for Wi-Fi or parking; the little fees can make the bill add up. Go here to know more about hidden fees.

2. Inconsiderate staff

Traveling can be tiresome; a long business day can be stressful. When you hang the do not disturb sign on the door, you want your wishes to be respected. You do not want housekeeping to knock on the door to see if you need extra towels. Often the door is opening at the same time housekeeping is knocking which does not give you much time to make yourself presentable.

3. Timing of services including check in and out times

A hotel stay should be about convenience for the guest; late check-in times and early check-out times can be the downside. When you arrive at the hotel early to find out your room is not going to be ready for another three hours, you tend to get annoyed. The check-in and check-out times are just part of time services. A short window for breakfast being served or an early shut off time for room service can be inconvenient for travelers with delays.

4. Paying extra for a room without really getting an upgrade

Hotel rooms can be costly; paying extra for a larger room does not always bring the desired outcome. A larger room may not get you the scenic view you were hoping to achieve. A larger room does not guarantee you will have extra electrical outlets for all your business needs.

5. Noise

Noisy hotel neighbors can be the worst kind of distraction. Hotel walls can be thin; providing little buffer from a loud television or crying children.

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