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Spring Break Travel Tips for Students: Important Tips to Remember During Your Travels

Spring break is almost here and students all around the world can’t wait to get away and have some fun in the sun, but before you hit the road or catch your flight, there are some things you should know to keep your trip safe. While you can’t wait to have fun and you may feel fearless, safety should be at the forefront of your travel planning.

The last thing you want to have happen when you’re out having a good time is to get robbed, have a car wreck, or worse. Avoid becoming a victim of a crime or falling asleep at the wheel with these quick spring break travel tips for students.

5 Safety Tips For Spring Breakers

Tip #1 – Driving Safety: Avoid falling asleep at the wheel by making sure the driver of the vehicle you’re riding in has had sufficient sleep to be on the road. This can happen to anyone and is avoidable when you rotate the driver, taking turns driving and sleeping. Make sure the driver has had enough rest before getting on any road or busy interstate.

Tip #2 – Communication: Keep communication open with friends and family when you’re traveling. Make sure that the people who matter most in your life know exactly where you plan on staying and the dates and times you plan on making your departure. This is particularly important in the event of an emergency.

Tip # 3 – Group Travels: Travel in groups to avoid getting victimized when on-the-road. This is important regardless of the gender of the travel group because anyone can become victimized.

Tip #4 – Hotel Safety: Avoid getting robbed by not leaving valuables within plain view of yourself when out in public, in your vehicle and in your hotel room.

Tip #5 – Party Safety: If you’re of age to drink, use caution when getting intoxicated in unfamiliar places and make sure that you remain with your travel group at all times. Try to make sure that at least one member of your group is sober on party nights. If you’re planning on traveling for several days or a week, take turns with this duty.

Last Tip About The ‘Hook Up’

Tip #6 – Hooking Up: Many young people like to “hook-up” during spring break and when you combine alcohol consumption with hormones and feeling carefree in-the-moment of fun in-the-sun, things can happen – bad things. Use extreme caution when even thinking about hooking up and never leave your group. Read more about this here.

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