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Spring Break Travel Tips for Families: Keep Your Trip Fun and Safe

After a brutally long winter, you likely can’t wait to hit the road with the family for some springtime fun, adventure and a good dose of Vitamin D. And while you may look forward to a get away with the family and an escape from the long winter many of us have experienced this year, traveling with kids of any age can bring stress and angst. Whether you’re traveling out of state or just a couple of hours away, here are some tips to keep the kids busy on the road and to keep the family safe during your travels.

5 Tips For Kid Travels

Tip #1 – Research: Before going anywhere, know all of the ins and outs of your travel destination. This includes any and all activities that you plan on participating in and any travel routes you plan on taking during your trip. This will help you to avoid getting lost, which can be frightful with children.

Tip #2 – Travel Insurance: We all know that things can happen and they usually happen at the worst possible times. Avoid disaster when you’re far away from home by investing in travel insurance.

Tip #3 – Don’t Forget to Bring: Remember to bring things like ibuprofen, children’s ibuprofen, sunscreen, upset stomach medicine, things to keep the kids busy on the plane or in the car, etc. Plan for the unplanned and expect the unexpected.

Tip #4 – Save: Look for free activities to do with the kids during your travels and when visiting large theme parks, seriously consider inquiring about VIP passes. The money that you can save with VIP passes for the entire family is immeasurable and you’ll be thankful you did when your trip comes to an end.

Tip #5 – Safety: When on-the-road, take turns driving that way the driver is always alert. Always use caution when approaching an ATM and avoid doing so in unlit areas and after dark. Make sure you have your identification with you and enough money to cover an unexpected emergency. And lastly, avoid leaving valuables in plain view in your vehicle and in your hotel room.

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