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Best Cruises From The USA

Cruises are an excellent and affordable way to take a family vacation. Unlike traveling by air or car, when you take a cruise the food, lodging, transportation and entertainment are all included in one price. There are hundreds of cruise options to choose from ranging from a weekend getaway to a month long adventure. In fact, there are so many different cruise options available that it can be overwhelming trying to decide which option is the best suited for your family. So, to help you choose the best option for your needs, here are two of the most popular family cruise options.

Disney & Norwegian Cruises

Disney Cruise Line
Disney Cruise Line, just like the land based theme parks is designed to cater to kids as well as the kid at heart. Each Disney cruise provides delicious meal options, including room service at no additional cost. There are also several restaurants on-board that are optional for those who prefer a specific type of meal or do not want to eat from the buffet during meal times. Disney cruises are packed with entertainment options, including character themed parties, autograph sessions, movies, games and water play areas. One of the best benefits of a Disney cruise is that you will have access to almost anything you need, including items you may have forgotten, such as bottle sterilizers or a stroller.

The cabins are large and family friendly, including decorative features such as bunk beds that come out of the ceiling and a bathtub. You will have a variety of cabin options, such as a family suite, interior cabins or a cabin with a balcony. Disney Cruise Lines depart from several cities in the United States, including:

  • San Diego, CA, which travels to cities such as Victoria Canada.
  • Galveston, TX, which travels to exotic locations such as the Western Caribbean and the Bahamas as well as transatlantic cruises.
  • Miami, FL departures travels to the Bahamas or the Caribbean.
  • Port Canaveral, FL port departures also travel to the Caribbean or the Bahamas.

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Norwegian Cruise Lines
Norwegian Cruise Lines also specialize in family oriented cruises. These cruise ships also have what they call “freestyle” cruising, which means that you do not have to follow the itinerary of the ship; you can do whatever you want, whenever you want, including eating. This type of cruise is perfect for families traveling with little ones and find it difficult to make it to a dinner seating on time. Each Norwegian cruise is crammed with a variety of family entertainment, including a youth program, a toddler program, themed events, sports and character cruise that features Nickelodeon Characters, such as Dora the Explorer and SpongeBobSquarePants. Whether your family enjoys decorating cupcakes together or playing Dodgeball, there are enough activities to keep everyone in the family busy.

The cabins on Norwegian Cruise Lines are well-appointed, clean and roomy. You have a choice between interior cabins, balcony cabins and several suite options. Norwegian Cruise Lines also frequently offer specials and discounts, such as kids cruise free. The majority of Norwegian Cruise Lines departing in the United States does so from Miami, Florida. However, there are a number of destinations to choose from, including St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, Philipsburg and Nassau, Bahamas. There are also various options for the number of days to travel, ranging from 3 days to several weeks.

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Before You Cruise Control

When choosing a cruise, it is important to carefully read the restrictions and the type of cruise being offered. For example, children may not be allowed to board a singles cruise or the ship may depart from one location and dock in another for the end of the season, which means you will be responsible for finding transportation back to the departing port, if necessary.

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