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Health Trend: Bone Broth

Health Trends With a Twist

Food is like fashion—it’s a living, breathing entity that is always changing. What was popular yesterday is old news today, and some choices leave us thinking…Really? Below are some of the hottest culinary trends for 2015 and some interesting health information for each.

Healthy Candy

You read that last part right, one of the most popular up-and-coming trends is candy that is healthy. This is a whole new category of treats that is expected to absolutely explode onto the market with the continuing word of mouth marketing from health-conscious mommas. There are already two industry favorites emerging in stores like Whole Foods Market and other boutique-style health food stores: Pocket Treats and Zollipops.

Pocket Treats are a chewy fruit candy creation from the notable brand U-Be-Livin-Smart and are packed with super-fruits and extra-virgin olive oil. The candy doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners, preservatives, gums, gelatin, or any empty calories whatsoever, making it a family favorite. Zollipops are a good-for-your-teeth treat conceived by 9 year old Alina Morse from Michigan who wanted a fun way for her and her friends to take care of their teeth. Containing Stevia, Xylitol, and Erythritol, Zollipops taste great while protecting your mouth against tooth decay, cavities, and more. How does it work? Simple, it manipulates the pH level of your mouth, which is the level of tooth-decaying acid.

Bugs! Eat Bugs For A Protein FixEating Bugs For Protein

That’s right, crickets, ants, grasshoppers, and other insects are hopping their way out of specialty bug fairs and into normal dishes, protein bars, and a number of mainstream grocery stores. No, this doesn’t mean that you’ll necessarily have to succumb to nibbling the legs from these critters to enjoy their benefits, but you may not mind eating cookies fortified by ladybug flour, or pasta sprinkled with some cricket powder to add a good protein without the fat.

So what’s with the bugs? Health enthusiasts all over the world are scrambling to find new sources of protein that are also low in fat. We can expect to see these insects emerging in many restaurants’ main dishes, such as fried grasshoppers, as well as in health food sections in mainstream grocery stores all over the world.

Bone Broth

Join the Paleo craze with this meat fetish addition. Bone broth is truly a “let nothing go to waste” proponent as it makes use of the last of the animal carcass. Why is it so popular? Apart from being Paleo and waste-less, bone broth has managed to shed light on the plethora of nutrients that can be gained from the bones, including gut-healing proteins, anti-inflammatory agents, tons of minerals, and healthy fats known to reduce the risk of many heart related illnesses.

In addition to its apparent goldmine of nutrients, bone broth is extremely easy to make. Simply add the bones, any bones from just about any animal, to a slow cooker with water for anywhere between 6 and 48 hours. Broth will range from clear liquid to rich colored liquid depending on which animal and which bones are used. Add any standard herb as desired for a savory, healthy broth. See here for more information about bone broth.

Get On Board & Chew On A Bug

From candy to soup, the world of food is ever-changing and improving to help us take better care of ourselves and try new and interesting things. So get out there and try chocolate covered ants, healthy fruit chews, and broth made in the spirit of our Neanderthal ancestors.

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