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Dried Fruit

10 Surprising Foods That Make You Fat

If you’re watching your diet, you probably already know the obvious foods to avoid. Fast food, anything with “fried” in its name, desserts, and all of the other junk food options available to us. But sometimes, you may think you’re on the right track eating healthily, but what was a smart choice turns out to be sneakily sabotaging your hard work. Here are ten foods that you didn’t know were bad for you.

1. Dried Fruit

Dried fruit is simply dehydrated fruit. That means that a cup of dried fruit can have up to eight times more calories in it than a cup of fresh fruit. For example: one cup of fresh cranberries has 46 calories, while one cup of dried cranberries has 308.

2. Granola

Granola could easily be healthy if you make it at home, but buying it might mean tons of added sugar.

3. Bottled Tea

While bottled tea is generally the better choice than soda, it is often still packed with sugar.

4. Avocado

Avocado is considered a superfood, and rightly so. It has many great health benefits. However, it also calorically dense and high in fat. One avocado can have 350 calories! Read more about avocado health facts here.

5. Trail Mix

Similar to granola, trail mix has great potential — if you know what’s in it. Many trail mixes from the store have loads of sugar with honey, chocolates, and candies added in.

6. Yogurt

A plain cup of yogurt is an excellent choice, and why not add fruit to add some bonus nutrition? Sure, but be wary of buying yogurt with fruit already added — that’s all sugar and extra calories.

7. Salad

Salads, the quintessential health food: what could be unhealthy about those? How about all of the fatty dressings, croutons, nuts, and cheese we like to add? Go light with the dressing and light with the toppings.

8. Sushi

Raw fish and vegetables won’t hurt much, but what might put a dent in your diet are some other common sushi ingredients: cream cheese and spicy mayonnaise in the specialty rolls and wraps, shrimp in tempura batter, soy or other extra sauces (watch these for sodium), and plenty of white rice.

9. Gluten-Free or Organic Foods

Don’t be tricked! Remember that there is no all-encompassing term for a food that is good for you (besides, you know, “healthy”). “Gluten-free” and “organic” is not synonymous with “healthy” — it is not necessarily healthy or unhealthy. There is nothing wrong with buying gluten-free or organic, but remember that they can still be packed with sugar, fat, and carbs, just like any other foods. Always read the labels.

10. SmoothiesSmoothies May Not Be Healthy

A smoothie is another example of potential going wrong — it all depends what you’re putting in. If you’re buying one, make sure you know exactly what’s in it. Many smoothies are packed with sugar. Save money and make progress by making them at home with fresh fruit and vegetables.

Moderation Is Key

Finally, remember a crucial key for anything you consume: moderation. Any healthy food can still be too much when you don’t portion them correctly. A handful of nuts is all you need!

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