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How To Cancel Your Flight For Free

Did you know there are ways to cancel your flight for free? Want to know how? Are you afraid of getting stuck with those high cancellation fees? Don’t worry. Here are some tips on how to book your flight without fear.

Airlines & Third Party Policies

First, before you book, find out how your specific airline or third-party carrier’s flight cancellation policies work. Many airlines will let you cancel, for a full refund, if your flight is booked 7 days before the flight dates, and it has been less than 24 hours since you booked your flight. That means if you book a flight, find a cheaper flight, or want to change the dates, you have 24 hours to cancel that flight reservation and receive a full refund.

If you get stuck with your ticket after the 24-hour refund window, don’t panic. Call your airline and see what they can do for you. Some airlines are pretty flexible with cancellations, such as JetBlue (see their policies here) who charges only $20 for changes made online, or $25 for changes made through an agent. Southwest Airlines does not have a change fee at all. Better yet, see if you can change it, and then call back for a full refund of that changed flight within 24 hours.

An Emergency Cancellation

In case of an emergency, many airlines overlook their cancellation policies. If you are unable to fly because of a natural disaster, or death in the family, call the airline and see what they can do for you. Remember, if you purchased cancellation insurance, you should be able to cancel for medical reasons and receive a full refund of the flight. Always read your specific insurance documents first before you purchase to make sure you understand their guidelines regarding cancellations and refunds.

If you get stuck with your tickets, you can always hope your flight gets cancelled, or delayed. If your flight gets delayed or cancelled, call and explain that your reason for traveling no longer exists, (i.e. a business meeting) and ask to get your flight cancelled. Always call your travel agent, or airline directly and see what they can do for you.

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