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8 Tips For Buying Holiday Fares

No matter the type of holiday you are planning, when it occurs, or who is going with you, getting a great deal on fares is possible. Even during peak seasons, if you take a bit of extra time, you’ll be able to find some excellent ways to reduce your costs and still get where you want to go whenever you would like to do so. The following tips apply to most airlines during most travel times. Before you book your next trip, utilize these tips.

Read Before You Book

1: Be as flexible as possible with travel dates

The best way to save money is to travel when no one else is. Airlines need to fill seats to make any flight profitable. The more people on a flight, the higher rates will be (especially during the holiday season.) To save money, try to book during the week and in the evening. That’s not always convenient, but it does provide you with some of the best access to lower rates. Read our previous blog here for more about travel dates.

2: Ask for a voucher

Some travel agencies and airlines will help you to get the lowest price by giving you a voucher. You’ll book the flight now, but if the price goes down between now and when you leave, the company will give you the lower rate. You’ll have to ask for this type of service.

3: Wait until the very last minute

It’s never a good idea to do this during high travel times, but if you have some flexibility and don’t mind waiting, hold out until the last minute to book your travel. To fill a flight, an airline is likely to offer the last available seats at a discount. However, there is no guarantee this will be available.

4: Choose the off-brand airline

You may be comfortable flying on the same airline you always have, but that may not equate to the lowest rates. Many lower rate airlines – who offer comfortable flights – are moving in to fill in gaps left by other companies. Find out which airlines are present in the airport and inquire about rates from all of them.

5: Know what’s really going to cost you

While some airlines will offer great airline prices, you have to watch out for higher fees. Fees for baggage are a big one. You may also pay more to choose a seat or for meals. If you are okay with this, then go for it. Otherwise know that this will make the flight more expensive.

6: Travel with multiple stops

Direct flights will always cost more especially when it comes to longer flights. You’ll save money, but it will mean more time on the road.

7: Sign up for alerts

Many of the airlines, ticketing agencies, and other sites will offer fare alerts. When you sign up, you’ll be alerted whenever prices drop on the flights you are interested in. It’s a great way to stay in the loop.

8: Utilize your frequent flyer miles

Now is the time to check out those frequent flyer miles you have built up or even to sign up for a credit card offering them so you can build them over time. This can significantly reduce costs.

Go Ahead & Find Great FaresTravel Fares Tips

Any of these tips can help you to reduce how much you will spend this year on holiday fares. Being consistent helps you to find great rates.

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