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Travel ToTurkey

Often some of the best places to visit in a trip abroad are countries that don’t pop into your head right away. Everyone goes to London, or Paris, but countries like Turkey have hidden treasures in terms of experiences. Here are a few reasons why Turkey is the perfect travel destination.

Exciting Experiences

It might surprise you to learn that you can do some adrenaline-filled activities in Turkey just as much as in other parts of the world. For example, it’s possible to take a hot air balloon over Cappadocia, which has some truly spectacular views. You can also paraglide over Lu Deniz and its blue waters. There are plenty of skiing destinations, as well as a jeep safari.

Low Costs

When you compare travelling to Turkey to travelling to practically any other common destination, you end up way ahead in terms of your bank account. One of the more famous areas for shopping in Turkey is the Antalya Coast. You can buy gold and silver jewelry, authentic rugs and other goods at local Turkish bazaars that are world famous. Whether it’s staying in hotels, travelling around the country side or getting tourist guides, your money will travel further than it will in almost any other country you could visit.

Unique Food

Turkish food is unique in the world. You can try the original simple kebab here, or freshly cooked fish. Food in Turkey is also often surprisingly cheap compared to the costs in other countries.

Other Attractions

One big attraction in Turkey is the Armaggan Bosporus, which is a “yali.” Believe it or not, this is a Turkish word that actually means “water palace.” It’s one of the most luxurious places to stay anywhere, and the people there call it a “private residence” rather than a hotel. There are Turkish baths, private sail boats and a huge amount of staff. The Turkish baths are famous in their own right as well. Examples include those in the old town near Gezi Square. These bathhouses are co-ed, and clothing is optional. Scrubbing, soaping and oil message treatments at these baths are quite cheap compared to in western countries.

Overall, visiting Turkey is going to be a potent combination of cheap prices and luxurious site and experiences for any savvy traveler.

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