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5 Best Easter Getaways

One of the best holidays to celebrate with a family is Easter. Many families come together during this time and enjoy family festivities. Instead of staying in your home town, traveling to different places across the US is a good idea. These five Easter getaways will ensure everyone in your family has a memorable Easter weekend.

Top 5 Getaways

1. If you are looking for a lot of things to do while learning about the history of our nation, going to Washington, DC is a great option. Many restaurants in this area offer elegant meals for Easter brunch. There are also a lot of Easter egg hunts held throughout this region, giving your children something fun to do. While your children hunt for eggs, you can talk with other parents and enjoy the sights. There are many landmarks to see, such as the United States Capitol, the National Mall and the Lincoln Memorial.

2. If you want to experience great weather around Easter, heading to Orlando, FL is a great option. The weather is beautiful here, and Walt Disney World hosts a lot of Easter parties. These parties are ideal for your children, where they will get to experience the magic of Disney and the special, heart-felt characters.

3.New York City is another viable option for an Easter holiday. There are a lot of parades that happen during this time in New York, giving you and your family something to view in grand fashion. If you enjoy food, there are a lot of egg dishes and drinks served at different restaurants in New York, which will spark your taste buds.

4. If you are a fan of sweets, such as chocolate, taking a trip to Hershey, Pennsylvania is a great option. There, you will be able to go to Hersheypark, where Easter breakfast will be served and Easter egg hunts will take place. There are even games for adults like bingo, giving parents the chance to unwind and enjoy themselves on this important day.

5. San Diego, California is also a great place to visit during Easter holiday, as the weather is great and there are many activities to do. One place in particular that is ideal to visit is the Hotel Del Coronado. At this hotel, you will be able to drink elegant champagnes, and children have access to a free buffet. There are many Easter egg hunts held on the lawn, and there are also fun zones, giving children the chance to participate in arts and crafts.

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