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Latest News About The Porsche 911GT3 RS

There have been many changes made to the Porsche 911 GT3 RS. There are series of functional upgrades ranging from the chassis, body works, aerodynamics and the powertrain. Such changes are meant to expand the performance beyond the 911 GT3 models which have always been impressive.

Meaner, Leaner and Wider

As per the modified 911 turbo, the new Porsche 911 GT3 RS has a magnesium roof which is very light. This is very important as far as stability is concerned. This lowers the center of gravity of the vehicles and thus enhances the stability of the vehicle. It has a carbon fiber hood and the deck lids and this reduces the overall mass thus, making it 22 pounds lighter compared to the standard GT3. The car also, is characterized by a large and manually adjusted rear wing and aggressive front splitter, both of which work with under-body vents and fairings that are in the front wheel so as to increase the high speed down force.

The newly revised flat-six which is in the 911 GT3 RS series happens to be the most technical and the largest sophisticated naturally aspirated engine at 4.0 liters. This makes 493 horsepower which is 25 more compared to 3.8 liter found in GT3. It can also develop a peak torque of 339 lb-ft which is 15 more compared to the critical twist units.

Full Enhancement

In order to enhance its full use, GT3 RS has a suspension management chassis with Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus, GT3- style rear axle steering, and of course a variable rear axle differential lock. The lock has a wider front/rear track dimensions and aggressive wheel/tire fitment of any of the 911 model.

Inside the new Porsche 911, it features one significant upgrade which is the carbon fiber bucket seats. Such seats are culled from 918 spyder and they are meant to provide more support and they weigh less. It is a precision model as it can be upgraded with the sport Chrono package. It can also integrate with a smartphone and make use of the GPS in the calculation and logging variety of vehicle performance characteristics such as lap times and the lateral acceleration. This makes it possible to be downloaded and shared with others.

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