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Benefits Of A 7 Minute Workout

The Health Benefits Of The 7 Minute Workout

Looking for a quick way to get in shape? Consider the 7 minute workout. What is it? If you’ve never heard of it before, the 7 minute workout first went viral in 2013 because it’s a quick way to burn calories and blast fat while speeding up the metabolism. It’s an intense workout regimen that enables you to work the entire body in just 7 short minutes.

While the workout went viral as a miraculous way to get in shape quickly, the workout itself is actually a HICT (high-intensity circuit training) workout. HICT workouts have been popular for years, so it’s no wonder the 7 minute workout quickly gained popularity because it works and here’s why…

It Builds Strength

This workout allows you to target all of your body’s major muscle groups in just 7 minutes. This creates balance with exercises that target both the upper and lower body, ensuring that everything gets the attention it needs. When you target all of the body’s major muscles, you’ll strengthen your entire body in minutes.

Because the workout is high-intensity with no rest time in between various moves, your heart rate stays elevated. When the heart rate stays elevated, you burn fat faster and you finish the workout quicker. You also blast fat fast by working the entire body, alternating workout moves in 7 quick minutes.

If you struggle with the dreaded “belly fat” problem, you’ll be excited to learn that this type of workout helps to blast belly fat too. The key to burning fat faster with this workout is in making sure that you work each-and-every major muscle group intensely. The faster you blast fat, the quicker you’ll lose weight and meet your weight-loss goal.

Cardiovascular, Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar Benefits

Any type of HICT workout is going to effectively help to lower blood sugar, improves blood pressure, improves cardiovascular health and an increase in VO2 max. The body’s VO2 max is the maximum oxygen capacity that our bodies can handle during a workout. All of these health benefits are due to the fact that you’re working the entire body in this fitness routine and strengthening the entire body. Read more about VO2 max here.

After Burn Benefits

After the workout, your body will continue to burn calories throughout the day. So due to the after burn benefits, this type of workout is a great way to kick-start the day. That way you’ll continue to burn calories for the rest of the day. Just remember to make smart meal choices if weight-loss is your goal. Now that your metabolism has had a kick-start, burning those calories is easier to do.

An Adjustable Workout RegimenFoods For Abs

If you’re worried about whether or not 7-minutes is too much for you, this workout can be adjusted to meet your personal needs while you build up your endurance level. The more you do it, the greater your endurance level will be so you can perform your workout within the recommended 7-minutes.

Start out slow with 30 seconds of exercising for each exercise with at least 15 seconds of downtime in between. So it’s okay to make this a 20-minute workout, especially if you have physical ailments or health problems. And as with any type of workout regimen, especially something of high intensity, make sure to schedule some time to speak with your healthcare provider before getting started.

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